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There are unlimited concrete product solutions in the world market. Profit from developments of others and integrate these into your product portfolio. Developing a product means a lot of effort and is often combined with failure. A ready to go product will save you time, money and will minimize your risks. All products we offer are tested. Additionally we are able to support you with specs and marketing material. 

So if you have the demand, someone is probably already producing it. Save the effort, we’ll find something suitable for you.



Paving – The concrete paving market has changed rapidly in the last century. Dimensions have become enormous, the variety of colors has grown largely and new possibilities of secondary treatment have been introduced to the market. The demand on design and special functions in our market has increased dramatically. In our opinion this is a change to overtake your competitors and to increase your revenue.

Tell us what you are looking for and most certainly we will be able to offer something suitable for you!  For example:

  • Special functions, like: Lotus effect, cleaning effects, permeability, interlocking systems, etc.
  • Special design, like: Shot-blasted or grinded/polished or curled or coated surfaces, color-mix surfaces, etc.
















Pipes & Manholes –  In the last years the concrete pipe market has lost a large share of its market to other building materials like plastic or to the polymer branch. We think it is time for a comeback. Concrete pipes can have outstanding USPs and advantages. Let us get together and work it out. For example, we got solutions in the area of:  

  • Surface protection
  • Flow regulation








Precast Concrete – Precast and single production technologies have advanced fast in the last years. Especially new types of cement and additives have allowed us to develop new solutions. There are so many possibilities, please contact us for further information.










Storm water treatment – Together with our partner HydroCon GmbH we are offering the latest concrete technologies regarding storm water treatment. These solutions are highly demanded around the world. If you are interested in making the world better and restoring the natural water cycle, just contact us.