Optimization | Value-Adding


There is always a better and more valuable version of your current product. It is our goal to help you improve your products. Different people have different ideas and approaches to make something better.

Give us a try.



Optimization – In our lab and our technical center we are keen on working on your current product. We will start with analyzing your materials, then work through your mix-design and afterwards give you our opinion on possible improvements. If we agree on this approach we will assist you with going into production.

Most commonly we assist our partners with:

  • Density improvement
  • Strength Improvement
  • Abrasion Improvement
  • Durability improvement
  • Frost-salt resistance improvement





shutterstock_36161680_fullhdValue-Adding is one of the most important procedures in our industry. Through value-adding we make our products more unique, more competitive and more productive. In order to do this you need to add function and/or design to your products. We have a lot of experience with adding USPs. We might be able to boost your current product.